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Repeat founder, published author and ex-Rockstar. I write about and explore what eudaimonia (well-being, happiness and flourishing) looks like for work and life in 2023 (and beyond).

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Man's Search for Meaning

Man's Search for Meaning First up... I'm writing this newsletter exclusively and not publishing it anywhere else (not my blog or any social channel). If this is interesting/valuable/helpful to you, please share this with a friend (or friends). I would truly appreciate that. 🙏 I borrowed the headline from Viktor Frankl, who wrote one of my favourite books. Reading Man's Search for Meaning fueled my curiosity and created many questions about humanity, specifically how it related to the...

The New Masterpiece of a Man of Genius I have excitedly been working on a mammoth new content project in the last couple of weeks. As I write this, the project already has nearly 100,000 words written, which is rather significant given that Life Profitability just breached 60,000 words. (There is something to be said about quality over quantity. It's my belief, though, that the nature of this project lends itself to have great value in the colour and context of the quantity.) Also, the new...