I’ve got a huge passion for startups, entrepreneurship and helping others out. I find it both stimulating & challenging to see other business and learn about their unique industries, models & issues. I’m available to help you / your startup as a consultant, advisor or mentor (details below).

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What Do I Do?

Listed below are the things I could do to help.


  • I love a good conversation about strategy & I can help you filter through the strategic clutter of your business.
  • Second to strategy, I have a huge passion for business models & conceptualizing new models.
  • Branding & marketing are the two main pillars of all my projects and I’d be happy to help you figure out your new marketing plan.
  • I have a vast network of friends & contacts and could help you out with networking and potential partnerships.
  • My background is in accounting & I’m comfortable with administrative side (bleh) of business too.
  • My businesses have been built around teams & exceptional team management. I can help you improve the management of your team.
  • Even though my current roles are non-technical, my roots are all technical and I can hold my own in any design or development conversation.
  • I’ve overseen both growth & optimization strategies and will be happy to assist you with implementing either in your business.
  • And if you just wanted to bounce ideas off of a more experienced head, then I’m happy to listen.


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The Benefits of Working with Me

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  • I’ve done it before.

    As co-founder of WooThemes, I’ve helped create a successful company and have – as a result – amassed a wealth of experience & knowledge.

  • 50 000+ Users, 3.5 years

    WooThemes has grown to more than 50k users in 3-odd years. I was there every step of the way.

  • I’m the non-technical co-founder

    Which basically means I’ve been responsible for all those things in a startup that others don’t talk about.

  • Marketing is my passion

    From conceptualizing marketing campaigns to blogging about them, marketing is what gets my juices going.

  • I have a couple of friends

    During my journey as an online entrepreneur, I’ve made a couple of friends in higher (read: cool) places and could help connect you.

  • Everyone needs a mentor and / or advisor

    I can help out with both. ; )